Amulet Starburst Ring

Amulet Starburst Ring

Amulet Starburst Ring


Element ∴ Air/Ether

Symbol ∴ Stars ~ Transformation

Crystal ∴ Onyx ~ Healing Support


The hand-etching on this ring is inspired by the stars as depicted in tattoos and North African symbology. According to folklore, a woman will purify herself, her past, and any negativity, with water that bathed overnight under the stars.


The stars of the night sky shed light on the subconscious mind, and have the power to bring inner aspirations into the light and thus into being. Stars are also believed to transform any dark beliefs that are at the root of unhappiness.


This ring combines the transformational power of star symbology with the crystal healing properties of Onyx which absorbs and transforms negative energy. Onyx also aids with healing and support during “dark” times such as times of stress or grief.


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Details & Measurements


The Amulet Starburst Ring is available in a non-adjustable size:

7.5 US & 9 US

You can also backorder this ring in a custom size.

Measures 2 cm wide x 6 cm tall / 0.8 inches wide x 2.36 inches tall. 

While a larger statement piece, this ring is designed to sit comfortably on the finger.

Note: Production time for backorders varies between 1-2 months.



Hand-crafted from sterling (0.925) silver.

Featuring a natural Onyx gemstone.

Tribal Elements Collection


Tribal Elements is our debut collection. All pieces are inspired by nature and her elements. 

The collection features symbols from North African folklore. Particularly the Amazigh & Kabyle (indigenous North African), as well as Touareg (nomadic Saharan) cultures.

Some pieces also incorporate beautiful crystals.

Each design is inspired by one of the 4 elements:

Sea (Water) / Mountains (Earth) / Desert (Fire) / Amulet (Air/Ether)

Take our quiz to discover your element. 

 Design & Fabrication

Jebel Collective is a collaboration between US designer Mary Page Terlizzi and Moroccan artist Said El-Sabayi. Page designed the collection while Said El-Sabayi crafts each piece by hand. All pieces are produced at Said’s home studio in Essaouira, Morocco. Visit “In the Studio” for more about our production process. As a social enterprise, Jebel Collective aims to preserve the tradition of silver-smithing across Morocco. 

Note: Exact details and stone coloration may vary with each hand-crafted piece. This means yours is one-of-a-kind!

Sterling Silver Care


Polish your Amulet Starburst Ring regularly for sparkle, or wear tarnished for a more antique look. Use a designated silver polish such as Silvo with a microfiber cloth. Please note that any other type of cleaning solution may remove the black inlay of hand-etched design. Other cleaning methods may also scratch or damage the silver and/or gemstone. You can wear this piece in water. For more detailed information on how to safely store and care for your silver, click here



Silver tarnishes over time when exposed to air. In an effort to keep your piece polished until it reaches you, we seal our products in jewelry-sized plastic bags. To reduce plastic use, we re-use these bags from other jewelry stores.

Additional information


7.5 US, 9 US, Custom Size


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