In the Studio

In the Studio


Moroccan Artist “Ma3lm” Said Creates Each Piece by Hand

The Creative Process

Jebel Collective is a collaboration between designer Mary “Page” Terlizzi and Said ElSabayi, a Moroccan “Ma3lm”, or master silversmith and engraver.

Inspired by Morocco’s culture, history and landscape, Page spent two years searching for an artist to bring her vision to life. In 2018 she was introduced to “Ma3lm” Said and together they created the Tribal Elements Collection in Said’s home studio based in Essaouira, Morocco.

Page conceptualizes the shape, design, gemstones & story of each piece. Blending traditional motifs with a modern aesthetic, her designs are inspired by North African cultures that use nature symbols in jewelry and home decor to harness their deeper wisdom. One of these powerful symbols takes the shape of the piece or is hand-carved into the silver.

Combined with crystal healing properties, each ring, pendant or earring is a talisman, infused with a specific quality and purpose that is designed to support you on your journey.

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First, Page draws her designs to scale on paper and directly onto the silver. “Ma3lm” Said then hand-carves the design, finishing and polishing each piece. Using a method passed down over generations, Ma3lm Said will burn the piece under a candle flame to produce a black inlay, making the carved design pop. By working with local artisans directly, Jebel Collective proudly helps sustain Morocco’s rich history of craftsmanship that is currently threatened by machine-based production.