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Jebel Collective


“Jebel” translates to “Mountain” from Arabic.

You Are What You Wear.

Leading a movement of intentional, ethical fashion.

What message are you telling yourself and the world with your jewelry? When you wear a Jebel Collective piece, you carry a powerful message of self-love, connection to earth and spirit, and support ethically sourced and sustainably produced fashion.

Jebel Collective showcases the beautiful yet dwindling craft of jewelry making handed down over centuries in Morocco. Each piece is hand-crafted and hand-carved from sterling silver & semi-precious gemstones using traditional methods and tools. As a social enterprise, 15% of our profits are re-invested into a scholarship fund dedicated to training a new generation of local artisans. 

Our debut “Tribal Elements” 2019 collection is inspired by Morocco’s diverse natural landscapes, including its deserts, seas, mountains and sky/spirit. Each ring, pendant or earring corresponds to one of these four natural elements – fire, water, earth and air/ether. 

Drawing inspiration from indigenous North African cultures, each Jebel Collective piece incorporates an animal or nature symbol into its design. As traditionally believed, wearing these symbols offers protection, blessings and wisdom. Sometimes combined with the healing energy of crystals, our silver jewelry talismans serve as powerful reminders of who you are or who you want to become, and help you create intention throughout your day. 

Use our “24 Nature Symbols from North Africa” guide or take our quiz to select a piece that celebrates your true essence or supports you on your journey.

In the Studio

Our Team


Said ElSabayi

Master Silversmith & Engraver

Mary Page Terlizzi

Founder & Designer

Younes Abahous

Chief of Operations