About Me

About Me

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, your nature with Nature.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Morocco is a beautiful and mysterious place. I started to look deeper and discovered a rich symbolic language full of ancient wisdom. 

Animals, nature and the moon & stars depict qualities that we can all relate to. The ram as a symbol of strength, the salamander of regeneration, and the moon of cycles and fertility. Each of these elements can teach us something, help us to grow or express our unique personalities. 

I created Jebel Collective to bring these symbols to life and make them available to you as powerful tools for your journey. Each piece that I design incorporates North African symbols & inspiration from the desert, mountains and sea – and some have crystal gemstones, adding healing properties to these jewelry talismans. 

My hope is that as an owner of a Jebel Collective piece, you will find deeper connection to yourself & the world, one that celebrates your beautiful, unique, authentic soul.